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NFL Rumors: Mike Martz Refuses Contract Extension?

The headline sounds crazy when you first see it because the fact that the Chicago Bears felt that they wanted to extend offensive coordinator Mike Martz‘s contract is already a surprise but for him to turn it down is even more absurd.

Mike Mulligan of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Bears offered Martz a one-year extension but the deal didn’t include a raise which is most likely the reason that Martz declined the offer.

Mulligan notes that the Bears offense was actually worse last season than year prior as they dropped from 23rd to 30th in yardage. This is usually what offensive coordinators are judge by so the fact that Chicago thought it was a good idea to re-sign their offensive coordinator when they just finished third-to-last in the league would suggest that they like the direction that the team is going.

In Martz’s defense, almost every coordinator needs two seasons to get players acclimated and find others that fit the teams specific scheme. Chicago’s offensive line was terrible last season which force him to simplify the play book so that they could deal with the fact that Jay Cutler had very limited to get the ball out.

It will be interesting to see how the team’s offense preforms next season because the last thing that they need is a disgruntled offensive coordinator to go with all of the other issues that they’re currently dealing with.

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