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NFL Rumors: Bears, Bills, Chiefs, Panthers, & Redskins


  • Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports reports that the Bears are focused on the draft right now, which means they’re likely to wait before working on a long-term deal for franchise WR Alshon Jeffery.
  • Robinson mentions that the prospects of the two parties getting an extension remain “solid” with Chicago reportedly being motivated to get him under contract long-term.
  • According to Robinson, Jeffery could ultimately end up somewhere between Chiefs WR Jeremy Maclin (five-years, $55 million total, $22.5 million guaranteed) and Colts WR T.Y. Hilton (five-years, $65 million total, $28 million guaranteed).


  • Charles Robinson reports that the Bills have moved an extension for franchise OT Cordy Glenn to top of their priorities list.
  • Even so, Robinson mentions that this deal could still take a while to get done, as they’re likely to pay him as a franchise left tackle.
  • Robinson believes Glenn could get just under $11 million per season with $35 million guaranteed in his next deal.


  • A long-term contract for S Eric Berry remains on the back burner right now for the Chiefs, as their focused on this year’s draft, according to Charles Robinson.
  • Once the draft has passed, Robinson expects the two parties to pick up negotiations.
  • In the end, Robinson could see Berry surpassing Devin McCourty‘s five-year, $47.5 million with $28.5 million guaranteed.


  • Charles Robinson believes things “could get messy” between the Panthers and franchise CB Josh Norman before any progress is made toward a long-term extension.
  • Robinson’s sources have said that the Panthers view Norman’s franchise tag salary as a one-year deal in line with the “elite four” cornerbacks in the game — Darrelle Revis, Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman. However, Norman reportedly contends that the Giants signed CB Janoris Jenkins to a deal that will pay him close to what Norman is making under the tag.
  • As a free agent, Norman could have signed for as much as $15-$16 million per year.
    Robinson doesn’t see them making much progress in the coming months and adds that Norman could hold out of offseason workouts.


  • According to Charles Robinson, the Redskins have made a few attempts to get QB Kirk Cousins under contract long-term, but Cousins is reportedly holding out for a “legitimate” franchise quarterback deal.
  • Robinson believes Cousins is likely looking for a deal close to $19 million per year and $40 million guaranteed. However, Redskins view Cousins as a “backup who ascended into a starting role.”

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