NFL Rumors: Reggie Wayne Not In Colts Longterm Plans?


Mike Chappell Indianapolis Star shed some light on Reggie Wayne‘s future with the Indianapolis Colts.

“Reggie is entering the final year of his contract and turns 33 in November,” Chappell writes. “I’m not certain if the Colts will be very interested in giving him a long-term contract after 2011, and I seriously doubt Reggie would be interested in some short-term deal. He’ll need to maximize what will be his final contract.”

All great points from Chappell. Despite being the main target for Peyton Manning for the last four years, Wayne’s production has taken a dip at times over the last two seasons which has to make the Colts leery about the idea of committing to  him longterm.

As of now Indianapolis doesn’t have a wide receiver on their roster that’s ready to take over for Wayne so he should have some at least some marginal leverage, barring a terrible season or injury, heading into negotiations.

It seems like the Colts window for winning a Super Bowl is shorter than it’s been in any of the last ten years so at some point in next few years the rebuilding process will have to start in Indianapolis.

pixy NFL Rumors: Reggie Wayne Not In Colts Longterm Plans?

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