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NFL Rumors: T.O. & Ochocinco Would Like To Become Jets

The self-proclaimed dynamic duo have announced that they would like to take their talents to New York and play for the beloved Rex Ryan. The announcement came on this weeks addition of The T. Ocho Show. Generally we try to stay away from rumors that could be devised to generate rating or publicity but the fact that two former pro-bowl wide receivers have made it known that they would like to end up in New York is worth noting.

Chad Ochocinco has seem the drama between him and Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis reach much higher proportions today when Lewis anwered a question about how well Chad would fit in New England by saying that “Belichick is smarter than that.” The odds of Ocho being back seem to be slim to none.

Terrell Owens on the hand, is coming off of a solid season which saw him return to being a productive wide-receiver in the NFL. Teams will be interested in Ownes ability but the drama he brings is likely to cost a few opportunities.

The Jets would be better focusing on retaining their free agent wideouts than bring in one of the two aging wide receivers.