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NFL Rumors: Tennessee Open To Trades?

Yesterday there were some reports that suggested the trade market for this years draft was going to be pretty bleak but Titans General Manager Mike Reinfeldt sees things differently.

“For some reason I think there’s probably going to be a little bit more [trading], but I can’t really tell you why,” Reinfeldt told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “I just have a gut that people are kind of anxious to do something and say, ‘What the heck? Let’s make a few trades.’”

Reubfeldt’s “gut” feeling could be warranted considering that are a number of new coaching staff’s in place and plenty of teams with serious needs and only one way to address them. This years draft picks are going to be as coveted as ever so any team that’s considering making a deal is likely to ensure that they’re getting the best value. The trade market really gets going once teams are actually on the clock as we can attest to with this years Live Mock Draft.

pixy NFL Rumors: Tennessee Open To Trades?

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