NFL Rumors: Trades, Dolphins, Eagles


Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz of USA Today offers some trades that would make sense for teams before the upcoming deadline.

The list includes:


  • Armando Salguero reports that the Dolphins are willing to be “both a seller and a buyer — both willing to part with certain players currently on the roster and willing to add players to its roster” ahead of this year’s trade deadline.
  • A source tells Salguero that the Dolphins are seemingly focused on addressing their offense.
  • However, a separate source said it’s unlikely the Dolphins would be able to make a deal before Tuesday’s deadline because most NFL teams are reluctant to exchange players at this stage in the season.
  • This implies that Miami may be looking to swap players as part of a deal, as opposed to involving draft picks.
  • While there’s no indication that the Dolphins are willing to trade WR Jarvis Landry, Salguero writes that it would make sense for the Dolphins to consider moving him if they want to get a quality player in return.
  • Miami has limited cap room to work with right now, which further complicates a potential trade.


Jay Glazer mentioned on FOX NFL Sunday that the Eagles are expected to be “one of the most aggressive teams” ahead of the upcoming trade deadline.

“Actually, for the Philadelphia Eagles as he was just talking about, yeah, they’re already calling around about offensive tackles,” Glazer said, via “And they’re going to be one of the most aggressive teams out there because they know what their window is. So expect them to call every team to see if they can upgrade that roster.”

Glazer reiterated later on in the day that Philadelphia will aggressively pursue upgrades.

“The Philadelphia Eagles are going to be very aggressive this week,” Glazer said. “The trade deadline is on Tuesday. They are the top team in the league right now, record wise. Expect them to be very aggressive this week and try and upgrade before the deadline.”

Eagles HC Doug Pederson told reporters on Monday that Pederson says he’s happy with their locker room and if they were to trade for someone it “would have to be a pretty special fit” to ensure there’s no disruption to the team’s chemistry, per Tim McManus.

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