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NFL Rumors: Vikings After Donovan McNabb?

The St. Paul Pioneer Press states that there’s a really good chance that the Minnesota Vikings bring in Donovan McNabb to play quarterback for them next year.

“It’s looking like Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback next season will be Donovan McNabb.”

We’ve already discussed the Vikings quarterback situation recently in our “Assessing Teams In Need Of A QB” article. Basically, the Viking will have to chose one of two strategies for the upcoming season. Either they draft quarterback like Jake Locker or Ryan Mallett and run him out there with limited preparation or they bring in veteran to aid the transition. Adding a veteran like McNabb would buy them some time to find out if Joe Webb can be their QB of the future or possibly even a player that they draft in the next few weeks.

Minnesota’s circumstance is unfortunately complicated because of the stadium issues that are still on going. Moving forward with a young-unpolished player at the most important position in the game isn’t going to increase their chances of winning games and there’s no telling what kind of effects a 2-14 season can have on a franchise that’s dealing with the issues that the Vikings are. The whole franchise is possible at stake and this is something that Leslie Frazier and the Vikings front office are no doubt aware of.

Adding McNabb isn’t going to get them their first Super Bowl title but it could help them compete in what’s shaping up to be one of the toughest divisions in the NFL now that the Lions are a respectable ball club. Oh yeah, trading for McNabb will be tough considering it’ll require a new CBA agreement and there’s no time table for that.

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