NFL Team Cap Space

Here’s an undated list of each NFL team’s cap space as of today February 12th. These numbers were provided by Pro Football Talk so hat tip to them for providing us with this information.



AFC East

Bills:  $19.29 million

Jets:  $8.39 million

Dolphins:  $9.05 million

Patriots:  $6.66 million


AFC North

Bengals:  $17.59 million

Browns:  $8.98 million

Ravens:  $6.18 million

Steelers:  $506,000


AFC South

Colts:  $2.5 million

Jaguars:  $31.66 million

Texans:  $1.08 million

Titans:  $8.11 million


AFC West:

Broncos:  $27.88 million

Chargers:  $2.1 million

Chiefs:  $24.01 million

Raiders:  $3.23 million


NFC East

Cowboys:  $17.14 million

Giants:  $1.06 million

Eagles:  $11.01 million

Redskins:  $13.6 million


NFC North

Bears:  $7.74 million

Lions:  $1.47 million

Packers:  $5.48 million

Vikings:  $1.95 million


NFC South

Buccaneers:  $25.05 million

Falcons:  $747,000

Panthers:  $2.8 million

Saints:  $4.22 million


NFC West

49ers:  $16.87 million

Cardinals:  $7.04 million

Rams:  $3.5 million

Seahawks:  $21.27 million



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Your numbers for the patriots are wrong. They are at 99.9 Million 

Keith Shoemaker
Keith Shoemaker

Khan will change that number for the Jags.  Opening checkbook in 3…2….1….NOW!