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NFL Team Cap Space

Here’s a look at the current cap space for each NFL team. Remember that these numbers are very fluid which is why it’s so hard to get a concrete total at a given time.

This information was provided by Pro Football Talk. These totals are as of March 14.


AFC East

Bills:  $22.2 million
Jets:  $12.7 million
Dolphins:  $14.3 million
Patriots:  $13.6 million

AFC North

Bengals:  $38.9 million
Browns:  $21.6 million
Ravens:  $4.7 million
Steelers:  $5.8 million

AFC South

Colts:  $14.3 million
Jaguars:  $24.8 million
Texans: $8.7 million
Titans:  $26.2 million

AFC West:

Broncos:  $40 million
Chargers:  $14.5 million
Chiefs:  $21.4million
Raiders: $5 million

NFC East

Cowboys: $5.5 million
Giants: $2.3 million
Eagles:  $22.3 million
Redskins:  $11.3 million

NFC North

Bears:  $12.8 million
Lions: $13.3 million
Packers:  $7.2 million
Vikings:  $18.8 million

NFC South

Buccaneers:  $17.9 million
Falcons:  $6 million
Panthers: $3.1 million
Saints:  $3 million

NFC West

49ers:  $23.5 million
Cardinals: $448,000
Rams:  $14.6 million
Seahawks:  $28.6 million


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