NFL To Consider Making Pass Interference Calls Subject To Review


Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that NFL leaders and the competition committee plan to give consideration this offseason to the possibility of making pass interference calls subject to instant replay review.

“It will be discussed at length along with additional fouls that coaches feel should be subject to review,” a person familiar with the league’s inner workings tells Maske.

In order for there to be a rule change, the NFL would need to approve it by at least three-quarters of the 32 owners.

In the past, the NFL competition committee has been opposed to making judgment calls like pass interference subject to review, but the fallout from Sunday’s NFC title game could lead to an increased level of support for a rule change.

Saints HC Sean Payton told reporters that he spoke with the NFL after their loss to the Rams and the league told him that they missed the call.

“They blew the call,” Payton said. “It’s a game-changing call — third down with 1:45 left. A tough one to swallow. My problem with it is, if we’re playing pickup football in the backyard, it was as obvious a call. How two guys can look at that and come up with their decision — we’ll probably never get over it. The truth is — some of these losses — one like that — it’s too bad.

Rams CB Nickell Robey-Coleman admitted after the game that it should have been called pass interference.

We’ll have more regarding potential rule changes as the news is available.

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John Storch

The NFL so called officiating has been HORRIBLE for years if not decades. The officiating has gotten HORRIBLE ever since the Patriots/Raiders “Tuck Rule Game”. The call that royally screwed the Raiders. And the 2018-2019 playoffs were NO different. The Saints were royally screwed on that play with 1:45 left. That play had not ONE but THREE choices of penalties on one play, with two officials directly in the area of the foul.The foul itself could have been called: a) the obvious pass interference, b) illegal hit to the head, c) a hit on a defenseless receiver and the so… Read more »