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Packers Announce Record $408.7M In Revenue & $75M Profit For 2016 Fiscal Year

The Green Bay Packers released their financial information for the 2016 fiscal year on Friday and Bill Huber of Packers Report has the full breakdown.

In total, the Packers reported a record profit of $75 million during the 2016 fiscal year, which happens to be more than $10 million more than their combined revenue from the 2014 and 2015 fiscal-years.

Here’s how things breakdown for the Packers in 2016:

  • National Revenue: $222.6 million
    Local Revenue: $186.2 million
    Total Revenue: $408.7 million
    Total Expenses: $333.7 million
    Profit from operations: $75 million
    Net Income: $48.9

Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy pointed to the team’s continued success on the field as one of the main reasons for their record-breaking year.

“Obviously, the continued success – the consistent success – has been helpful for us, as well as the popularity of not only the Packers but the league over the long period of time has been very helpful to us,” Murphy said.

The Packers have already announced their plans for The Titletown District, which will be a 34-acre project to help turn Lambeau Field into a year-round destination.

We’re very optimistic,” Murphy said. “Obviously, we have to do a good job with it and the economy has to be strong, but we’re a community-owned team so having something that is so beneficial to the community will be helpful. In terms of benefit to the Packers, one of our goals — and it’s kind of a unique one — is to make sure the team stays in Green Bay. I think Titletown will help ensure that the economic base in Green Bay stays strong enough into the future that we can continue to field a competitive NFL team. And it also provides diversified revenue that I think over the long term will be very helpful to the organization so that it’s not all necessarily just focused on football and the success of the football team.”

Overall, the Packers were 9th in the NFL in revenue.

The Packers are the only NFL team to disclose their financial information, due to their ownership structure.

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