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Packers CB Tramon Williams’ Career “Is Not In Jeopardy”

DB Tramon Williams mentions on ESPN540 radio that “his NFL career is not in jeopardy, and he expects to return to his pre-injury form this season, even though his shoulder isn’t yet 100 percent,” per Jason Wilde of ESPN

Williams mentions that the nerve damage was caused by a hit by DB Nick Collins on his supraspinatus nerve “which is located at the top of the shoulder near the shoulder blade.”  Williams says that he is recovering well after being unable to “lift a 30, 35 pound dumbbell over my head,” but he is now able to lift “up to a 90 pound dumbbell.

Williams is a key part in the Packers passing defense being able to shutdown opposing teams wide receivers.  If Williams is able to progress well enough to play at the level he is accustomed to the Packers defense should be able to preform better than last year.


Last year, the Green bay Packers were absolutely torched by opposing pass attacks and while CB Tramon Williams put up an underwhelming season for the team’s defense, he also played through a pretty serious injury to his right shoulder.

According to Fox Sports Wisconsin, Williams’ shoulder is still “50 percent” recovered from last season.

They tested my strong arm, which is my left arm, and then the right arm, and my right arm was significantly weaker than my left arm,” Williams said. “The nerve might have been firing at maybe 15 percent.”

There’s been so much made about Peyton Manning‘s arm strength, but Williams may have only a fraction of the strength that Manning does at this point. Williams will almost certainly be affected by the injury in the team’s upcoming training camp, the Packers are high on last year’s fourth round pick Davon House who has looked great to this point. They also added Casey Hayward in the second round of this year’s draft, so they do have options should Williams need to sit.


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