Packers May Not Tender Either Of Their RFA S M.D. Jennings & LB Jamari Lattimore

According to Rob Demovsky of, there’s is no guarantee that the Packers will even tender their two restricted free agents S M.D. Jennings and LB Jamari Lattimore at even the lowest level.

Demovsky completely rules out any chance of the team tendering either player at the first or second-round level — $3 million and$2.124 million.

What the Packers have to ask themselves is if either Jennings or Lattimore is worth that kind of money,” Demovsky writes. “We can safely rule out that they would be candidates for the top-two tenders, and even a salary of $1.389 million might be a stretch.”

Ian Rapoport reported a few days that the Packers expect to be active in free agency this year, and particularly in the market for help on the defensive side of the football.

Lattimore did shown some signs of being a decent young player for the Packers last season, but if they are intent on finding upgrades for Dom Caper’s defense, you would have to think that they would consider saving the $2.778 million for guys who are better fits in their defense.



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