Packers Splitting Carriers Between Grant & Starks?


Lori Nickel of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel takes a look at the Green Bay Packers plan for Ryan Grant and James Starks as their first game nears.

They’re both going to take pretty much all situations in the game. Evenly dispersed? I can’t guarantee it. But I’m certainly going try to get each one of those guys an equal amount of opportunities to carry the football, to hold onto the football and to control the clock for us,” said Packers running back coach Jerry Fontenot.

Grant received more of the first-team carriers throughout the preseason but they obviously wanted to see him in game action following last seasons injury. Starks continues to look great as he continues to build upon last seasons breakout post season performance. At this point you would have to think that Starks will be the more productive player but ensuring that Grant is being used is also important as depth at running back was an issue for them last season.

pixy Packers Splitting Carriers Between Grant & Starks?

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