Packers Could Still Pursue Trade For Seahawks GM John Schneider?

On Saturday, Ian Rapoport reported that the Packers submitted a request to interview Seahawks GM John Schneider for their GM vacancy but were denied.

Rob Demovsky of ESPN has confirmed the report. However, while this typically would be the end of the story, Demovsky mentions that the Packers could argue that they should be allowed to interview Schneider, given that the next GM of the Packers will have full control of the team while Schneider and HC Pete Carroll currently share responsibilities in player acquisition.

Interestingly enough, Demovsky says that Schneider would be the “preferred choice” of many in the Packers’ organization including the scouting department and HC Mike McCarthy.

Schneider is currently under contract with the Seahawks through the 2021 season and he previously mentioned that his new contract does not include a clause that would allow him to depart for the Packers’ GM job.

Multiple sources have told Demovsky that Schneider would be “very interested” in running his hometown team.

As of now, it remains to be seen whether the Packers would be willing to part with draft picks to get Schneider from the Seahawks.

As for the Packers’ GM interviews, Demovsky says that Brian Gutekunst and Eliot Wolf both were impressive in their interviews, but Gutekunst holds a “slight edge” over Wolf. Devmosky admits Russ Ball is still considered the “leading candidate” for the job.

We’ll have more regarding the Packers and Schneider as the news is available.

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