Packers WR Donald Driver Not Retiring, Would Play For Another Team


Donald Driver seems unlikely to be back with the Packers under the terms of his current contract.

The Green Bay Packers weren’t planning on addressing their roster this early into the season but Sunday’s disappointing loss to the Giants has turned the attention from a repeat Super Bowl bid to what’s to come for some of the teams players.

Wide receiver Donald Driver, 35, is set to make $5 million for the upcoming season which includes both salary and potential bonuses. Considering the Packers depth at the position, Drivers age, and the fact that they’ll need some extra money to keep players like TE Jermichael Finley and C Scott Wells, there’s a good chance that Driver could be released in the coming weeks.

“This is a business, and if they decide to go a different route with the young players then I’ve got to go do what I want to do,” Driver said via Jason Wilde of “And that means . . . am I going to go somewhere else and play, or do I put the cleats up?

Right now, I’m not ready to put the cleats up, so I guess I’ll be going somewhere else to play.”

A lot times it seem’s like an easy decision to make for the team but considering Drivers importance to the Packers and the fact that he was their best play-maker against the Giants, it’s going to be a much harder decision for the team to make.

The Packers choose to given raises to two practice squad wide receivers, Tori Gurley and Diondre Borel, with the intentions of using them in the near future. Driver’s roster spot will be fought over by two young and upcoming players which only makes the possibility of him being released seem all the more likely.

It’s not easy to find work when you’re a 36 year-old who happens to play a skill position but Driver was better for the Packers than it may seem so there’s a chance that a team would sign him if he becomes available.

pixy Packers WR Donald Driver Not Retiring, Would Play For Another Team

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