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Packers WR Jordy Nelson Confident He’ll Get An Extension, Possibly Before Training Camp


Packers WR Jordy Nelson fielded numerous questions regarding a potential contract extension that would keep him in Green Bay for the foreseeable future on Tuesday.

Nelson told reporters that although an agreement isn’t imminent at this point in time, he is confident that they could have something in place before the start of the season.

“Everyone knows deals get done closer to training camp,” Nelson said, via ESPN.com.

Nelson, 29 in May, signed a four-year contract worth $13.9 million that included just $5 million guaranteed with the Packers back in 2011, which has proved be one of the best team-friendly contracts signed in recent years.

Despite the fact that he has clearly outperformed this contract, Nelson isn’t bitter with how things turned out in the end.

“When I signed it, I don’t think I did,” Nelson said. “I think everyone when I signed thought it was a good deal. No one would have known I’d have 1,200 yards and 15 touchdowns [in 2011]. Obviously, hindsight is 20/20 but, again, I’m not worried about that at all. I’ve been comfortable with my decision.”

The Packers have allowed veteran receivers to walk in free agency in each of the past two years, but it seems highly unlikely that the team would continue that trend given how young they currently are at the position.

I think it’s a little bit different because we’ve gotten a lot younger,” Nelson said. “If I were to walk and you’ve got Randall [Cobb], who could possibly walk, now you’re down to all rookies besides [Jarrett Boykin]. I think it’ll be different. I wouldn’t be surprised if stuff starts picking up soon now that the draft and everything’s done with. There’s a time frame they work off of, so I’ve been informed of that, so we’ll just wait and see when it hits.”

Nelson’s three-year average stats include 67 receptions for 1,107 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns, and that’s despite being missing four games due to injury, and playing a seven-game stretch with guys like Seneca WallaceScott Tolzien and Matt Flynn throwing him the ball.

The Packers haven’t shied away from paying core players, so it wouldn’t be surprised to see Nelson do very well in his next contract.

pixy Packers WR Jordy Nelson Confident He'll Get An Extension, Possibly Before Training Camp

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