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Patriots Would Take $3.7M Cap Hit If They Cut Chad Ochocinco

New England would take a $3.17 million salary cap hit upon releasing WR Chad Ochocinco, per Greg Bedard.

This is most likely why they have approached him about restructuring his current contract. It’s possible that they could prorate his salary in a bonus that pays him over the next two years but that’s just specualtion.


Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal reports that the New England Patriots have “approached Chad Ochocinco about restructuring his contract.

Many believed that Ochocinco was a candidate to be released and that’s still a strong possibility even if his contract is restructured. Earlier in the week,  the Boston Globe mentioned that the team may do exactly that.

There’s a good chance that he’ll be a free agent in the coming weeks and at this point in time, it’s hard to assume that he’ll draw much of any interest on the open market.

pixy Patriots Would Take $3.7M Cap Hit If They Cut Chad Ochocinco

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That’s ALWAYS a common belief, the one that Ocho will get cut.  But there’s a few facts that make it hard to accept.  1st fact is the one that came from you, stating that the Pats would take a 3.7 mil hit IF they cut him.  That’s a LARGE hit when it comes to New England (and yes, I worship at the altar of Bill), PLUS they’re gonna have to decide IF they want to resign Deion Branch, I DON’T BELIEVE that it’s a FORGONE conclusion that Welker gets resigned (ANY OTHER TEAM AND ANY OTHER HEAD COACH, YES), but… Read more »


Worst argument ever.

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