Wes Welker Entering His Final Season With The Patriots?

Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe reports that WR Wes Welker‘s recent decision to discuss his contract situation with the public “has not gone over well with the Patriots.”

In fact, Manza Young adds that this has “only increased the chances that 2012 will be his final season with the team.”

Yesterday, Welker mentioned that the Patriots have actually lowered their offer to him in recent weeks. He did sign his franchise tender to rejoin the team, but it was looking like Welker was a long-shot to playing with the Patriots next season, even before he did that. He’ll almost certainly have to put together a hugely impressive season for the Pat’s to convince them that he’s worth keeping next season.


Patriots WR Wes Welker recently made the decision to sign his franchise tender of $9.5 million and join the team for offseason workouts, despite not receiving the long-term contract that he was hoping for. This is obviously an act of good faith on Welker’s, but the Patriots are reportedly unwilling to even match their previous offer to him.

“There have been talks, but nothing that’s brightened anything at all,” said Welker, via the Boston Herald. “It’s actually gotten worse.”

New England previously offered Welker a two-year deal worth $16 million last year. That total was fully guaranteed, but Welker felt that he could do better than a two-year commitment. That’s apparently not the case, since he mentioned that the Patriots have actually lowered their offer to him. He was advised not to show up, but he believes that his presence will help his chances better than a holdout would.

It appears that Welker will head into the 2012 season with a long-term deal, which means that we could end up being a hot commodity on the open market next season, even though he’ll be 32 by then.

pixy Wes Welker Entering His Final Season With The Patriots?

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Welker has been so undervalued pretty much his entire career.  He makes life for Tom Brady so much easier.  I’m sure Peyton, Rodgers, or Brees would love to have him.  He deserves good guaranteed money even at his age.  Patriots must still be upset about that drop in the Superbowl that could have iced the game.