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Patriots Making WR Danny Amendola Available Via Trade?

According to Dan Pompei of the Bleacher Report, NFL teams have informed him that the Patriots WR Danny Amendola has been “floated in trade talks.”

  • Pompei adds that there is even some speculation that the Patriots could release him if a trade is unable to be reached at some point.

New England signed Amendola to a five year, $28.5 million contract that included $10 million guaranteed last year.

However, Amendola continued to deal with injuries and wasn’t as effective as they were hoping he would be when they allowed Wes Welker to leave during free agency and instead signed Amendola as a replacement.

In 2013, Amendola caught 54 receptions for 633 yards receiving and two touchdowns over the course of 12 games. Meanwhile, Julian Edelman was forced to sign one-year contract that included a base salary of just $615,000 and would go on to outproduce Amendola by a huge margin last season.

If there Patriots were to release Amendola right now, they would take a $2.225 million cap hit, according to OverTheCap.com, but if they designated him as a June 1st release, they would free up $1.375 million in cap space. 

We’ll have more about a possible Amendola trade or release as the news is available.

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