Aaron Hernandez Clears Waivers, Denied Bail


Aaron Hernandez officially cleared waivers on Thursday, which doesn’t come as much of surprise given the serious charges that he’s currently facing and the fact that he’s currently incarcerated.

Hernandez has been denied bail following today’s follow-up hearing.

Ian Rapoport reports that NFL teams were informed that if Hernandez signs a contract prior to a resolution of the charges he’s current facing, commissioner Roger Goodell will need to hold a hearing before it can be approved.

  • Rapoport adds that this is designed to determine whether or not Hernandez should be suspended or face alternative action prior to his case being settled.
  • A team entering in a contract with Hernandez would face the possibility of his contract not being approved & Hernandez suspended, according to Rapoport’s source.

Here’s the NFL’s statement regarding team’s signing Hernandez:

“NFL clubs were advised today that if Aaron Hernandez enters into a player contract prior to the resolution of the charges pending against him, the contract will not be approved or take effect until Commissioner Roger Goodell holds a hearing. The purpose of the hearing would be to determine whether Hernandez should be suspended or face other action prior to the charges being resolved.”

It’s doubtful anyone will show interest in Hernandez at point in the coming months, but this is at least an idea of the action the league would take in regards to the situation.

We’ll have more updates throughout the day.


FOX 25 Boston reported earlier in the day that sources have informed them that investigators are looking at Aaron Hernandez a possible suspect in a 2012 double murder that happened in Boston.

Maria Cramer of the Boston Globe is reporting that there’s a possible link between that crime and recent murder of Odin Lloyd

The motive [for killing Odin Lloyd] might have been that [Lloyd] knew [Hernandez] might have been involved” in the July 2012 homicides, said an unnamed law-enforcement official.

Other notes regarding the Hernandez murder investigation:

  • New Britain State’s Attorney Brian Preleski says 27-year-old Carlos Ortiz has also been arrested in connection to Hernandez murder case. (USA Today)
  • Investigators from both Connecticut and Massachusetts have searched the home owned by Hernandez’s uncle, Andres Valderrama. (WFSB-TV)


Former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez faces six charges including one murder charge and 5 gun charges.

Here are some notes from today’s arraigning:

  • Hernandez pleaded not guilty. (Adam Schefter)
  • Six to eight hours of footage is missing from Hernandez’s home security video system. (Pete Thamel)
  • Hernandez phone included texts that were not destroyed to the victim and two friends on the night of murder. (Wesley Lowery)
  • Prosecutor mentioned that Hernandez’s security footage shows Aaron Hernandez, murder defendant, with gun in his hand at his house. (Aaron Wilson)
  • A shell casing was found in the car Hernandez rented, which matches the casings found at the scene. (Pro Football Talk)
  • There’s lots of speculation that prosecution is being aided by a cooperating witnesses.
  • Hernandez’s attorney, Michael Fee, describes the prosecution’s case as a “circumstantial case, not strong.
  • Fee added that he’s “never been accused of a violent crime”
  • The judge orders that Aaron Hernandez be held without bail pending further proceedings.
  • The district attorney acknowledged that hey haven’t recovered murder weapon. (Aaron Wilson)
  • Pro Football Talk reports that Massachusetts law would allow Hernandez’s fiancee to refuse to testify, even about things predating marriage if they were to get married.


Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that a source with knowledge of the situation has informed him to “assume the worst” in regards to Aaron Hernandez‘s recent arrest.

The source didn’t offer any specifics as to what that means, but it looks as though Hernandez could be facing more serious charge than just obstruction for his involvement in the recent murder.

  • Florio believes the Pats to do “whatever they can” to try to recover money already paid to Hernandez.
  • Florio expects New England to refuse to pay the $3.25 million due next March.
  • The Pats could fight for another $2.5 million in future guaranteed base salary, but his contract entitles him to the money even if he’s in jail.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that by releasing Hernandez on Wednesday, the Patriots waived all rights to recoup bonus money or salary through the CBA.

  • Schefter adds that Hernandez’s salary-cap charge for 2013 is now $5.092 million.
  • Hernandez’s 2014 salary-cap charge will be $7.5 million.

We’ll have more throughout the day.


The New England Patriots have announced the release of TE Aaron Hernandez on Wednesday.

This news comes shortly after he authorities arrested Hernandez for his involvement in the ongoing murder investigation.

  • Mass State Police will not the charge against Hernandez until his arraignment later Wednesday.
  • Patriots statement: “A young man was murdered last week and we extend our sympathies to the family and friends who mourn his loss. Words cannot express the disappointment we feel knowing that one of our players was arrested as a result of this investigation. We realize that law enforcement investigations into this matter are ongoing. We support their efforts and respect the process. At this time, we believe this transaction is simply the right thing to do.”
  • NFL statement: “‘The involvement of an NFL player in a case of this nature is deeply troubling. The Patriots have released Aaron Hernandez, who will have his day in court. At the same time, we should not forget the young man who was the victim in this case and take this opportunity to extend our deepest sympathy to Odin Lloyd’s family and friends.”

Hernandez’s lawyer Harvey Steinberg told the NFL Network that it’s unlikely police would have proceeded this way for obstruction of justice charge.

Hernandez will have to pass through waivers, but given the circumstance, it’s unlikely that any NFL team will claim him at this point in time.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that the Patriots decision to release the young tight end will cost the Patriots a cap charge $4.073 million for the 2013 season, which includes a portion of his signing bonus as well as the guaranteed money in his base salary.

Florio adds that New England could also take an additional cap charge of $8.637 million next year.

Considering the circumstance, the Patriots could try to recoup some of this money, but there are a number of factors that will ultimately decide that.


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