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Patriots Rumors: Randy Moss, Michael Griffin, Julian Edelman

Randy Moss

The Boston Globe mentions that the feeling in New England regarding Randy Moss returning to the Patriots is that “that ship has sailed.”

Moss announced his return to the NFL last week and the Patriots have been floated as the obvious destination for him considering that they’re in need of a deep threat and Moss has mentioned a number of times that he would love to return. Still, it’s hard to see Bill Belichick bring back a player whom he traded away because of locker room related issues.

New England will have plenty options to consider during this years draft as they have two picks in both of the top two rounds.

Michael Griffin

ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss mentions that Tennessee Titans S Michael Griffin could be one potential target for the New England Patriots during free agency.

Reiss suggests that Griffin’s versatility and durability could put him “near the top of the Patriots’ wish list.” Reiss also mentions that this years presumed poor class of safety prospects could push the Pat’s to look for upgrades in the free agent market.

I’d have to say that Reiss’ point makes plenty of sense. Griffin shouldn’t command a ridiculous deal either so he could end up being a great addition to a very poor secondary.

Julian Edelman

Reiss writes that he expects the Patriots to move Julian Edelman back to the offensive side of the ball and mentions the fact that he received no playing time at corner in the Super Bowl as an indication that the Patriots are ready to find better talent at the position.

The move was strange to begin with but Belichick can get away with making unconventional moves like this. Edelman was at best a temporary stopgap at best but he should find playing time on special team’s and heavy wide receiver sets next season.

pixy Patriots Rumors: Randy Moss, Michael Griffin, Julian Edelman

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