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Patriots Could Take On Raiders In Mexico City Next Year?

According to ESPN’s John Sutcliffe, the NFL could return to Mexico City in 2017 with the Patriots taking on the Raiders.

Last night, Sutcliffe mentioned that Patriots owner Robert Kraft is “very interested” in the possibility of playing in Mexico City and Raiders owner Mark Davis has even said that he has a keen interest in the team making regular trips to Mexico. The Raiders are obviously one of the more popular teams in Mexico, so there’s some logic in them going back again in 2017.

This comes just a week after the NFL hosted the first game in Mexico City between the Raiders and Texans in over more than a decade.

The NFL also indicated that they’re interested in continuing to host games in Mexico City, even though there was some fan violence last week.

My goal would be similar to the U.K., where we’re able to go back at least once a year and create our piece of the Mexico City sporting calendar,” Mark Waller, the league’s Executive VP of International, mentioned in an interview with NFL.com. “Mexico City has the size of NFL fan base that would rival any city in the United States. The area is 22 million people. It’s a huge and very passionate fan base.”

Logistically speaking, Mexico City is a lot easier for teams to deal with, considering that it’s located in the Central time zone and wouldn’t require an early start time.

We’ll have more regarding a potential 2017 matchup between the Patriots and Raiders in Mexico City as the news is available.

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