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Patriots Won’t Appeal NFL Ruling Regarding DeflateGate

Patriots owner Robert Kraft addressed the media regarding the penalties handed down by the NFL. Here are some notes from Kraft’s press conference:

  • Kraft said that “at no time should the agenda of 1 team outweigh the collective 32.
  • Kraft mentioned that he does have respect for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and believes he’s acting in the best interest of the league.
  • Regarding the penalty handed down from the league, Kraft said: “I’m going to accept reluctantly what he has given to us and not continue this dialogue and rhetoric. We won’t appeal.”
  • Kraft stressed that he didn’t want to continue the negative rhetoric regarding this topic by fighting the penalties and addressing the issue further.

It’s worth mentioning that Kraft’s decision to appeal the penalties handed down to the Patriots won’t have an impact on Tom Brady’s appeal of his four-game suspension.

Pro Football Talk guesses that the NFL has given the Patriots a back-channel promise that they’re going to cut Brady’s suspension on appeal.

New England wound up receiving a $1 million to go along with the loss of their 2016 first-round pick and a 2017 fourth-round selection.

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