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Percy Harvin Seeking Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald Money In His Next Contract?


Tom Pelissaro of ESPN 1500 Twin Cities reports that the “word circulating in league circles” is that WR Percy Harvin‘s starting point for negotiations is upwards of $10 million annually.

Pelissaro adds that his overall goal could be to secure better than $12 million a year and possibly higher.

An executive in personnel for an AFC team mentioned that he believes Minnesota could get a second- or third-round pick and possibly an additional pick for Harvin at this point.

Everybody thinks they can change guys,” said a personnel man for an NFC team. “How’s he going to be in a winning locker room with a solid quarterback? Stuff like that comes into play, and you begin to walk down that road or think, ‘Oh, we could change this guyBut (expletive), be careful, because if (expletive) does go wrong, you know who’s going to be the first one up. And this is supposed to be a guy that you’re paying as a leader.



Josina Anderson has clarified her previous report in which it was mentioned that Percy Harvin could be seeking a similar deal to that of Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald.



According to ESPN’s Josina Anderson, a high-ranking Vikings source informed her that WR Percy Harvin is targeting a deal similar to that of Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald.

Johnson signed an eight year deal worth $132 million and includes $60 million guaranteed while Fitzgerald received an eight-year contract that totaled $128.5 million and included $50 million guarantees back in 2011.

“[Harvin] is a star player in our league, but I would imagine that he sees himself in the class of the top wide receivers in our league,” the source said. “I do know at his production, when he was healthy, he was producing along with Larry and Calvin and those guys. I could see Harvin’s agent making the argument that he deserves their type of pay.

Pro Football Talk reported that Harvin was unlikely to report to training camp without a new contract, which seems reasonable when you consider that he’s set to make$2.9 million next season.

As far as holding out, that’s not something that I’ve heard he definitely will do at this point,” said the source. “But I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re throwing out threats — that’s what agents doHowever, when you are under contract, the team controls the situation, not the player. I hope he doesn’t think a tactic like that would work if that’s what he’s thinking.

Reports earlier in the week indicated that the Vikings could be looking to trade Harvin in the next few weeks. Minnesota will reportedly meet with Harvin at next week’s NFL Combine.

Harvin, 24, will be entering the final year of his rookie contract, so something will have to happen sooner rather than later.

Minnesota face a dilemma where they either trade one of the game’s best players right now in hopes of securing a second or third-round pick or try to work out a long-term deal in the coming and take a compensatory pick should he depart next offseason. Teams around the league are fully aware of the Vikings predicament, which is why NFL insiders have been tossing out a second or third-round pick as potential compensation for Harvin.

It’s just hard to imagine the Vikings giving away a true game-changing talent for this type of draft compensation. He’s worth more to them than that, so it would make sense to see them try to work out a long-term extension and risk having him holdout, unless of course someone’s actually willing to offer a reasonable package of draft picks.

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