Peyton Manning Making Progress?


Bob Kravitz, of the Indianapolis Star has heard from multiple unnamed sources, that Peyton Manning is currently working out in Florida and  is throwing the ball “much,much better.”

Manning, who is still trying to return to form after his multiple neck surgeries, seems to be making some significant progress, since the last time he was seen conducting a public workout about a month ago.  If indeed Manning’s health and strength in his arm are improving, we could see teams practically lining up at the door to try and get their hands on the future hall of famer, who could come in to any team and instantly make them better offensively  or even a turn them into a playoff contender.

Teams rumored to be interested in Manning, range from the likes of the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, Washington Redskins and Arizona Cardinals, but we could even see more teams make a run at him, come the beginning of the free agency period which starts on March 13th.

pixy Peyton Manning Making Progress?

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