Peyton Manning Still Not 100%?

Broncos QB Peyton Manning still doesn’t feel as though he’s close to being 100 percent at this point in time, according to Peter King of

King notes that it’s not his neck that’s still lacking, but instead the nerve regeneration, which ultimately impacts his arm strength. King notes that Manning’s “as accurate as ever,” but isn’t “ripping” the ball like he use to. There’s a chance that Manning may end up being a “chain-mover” at this point in his career.

Where I’ll be, percentage-wise, I don’t know,” said Manning. “I don’t know if I’ll feel the way I’ve always felt again. Everybody wonders, ‘Can he get back to where he was?’ That bar was set pretty high. Now, my goal is to feel as good as I possibly can — right now.’

pixy Peyton Manning Still Not 100%?

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