Peyton Manning Will Not Renegotiate His $28 Million Bonus

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported this morning on SportsCenter that Peyton Manning “will not push back” the $28 million roster bonus that he’s due by March 8th.

Schefter adds that the two sides are dug in which means that the Colts will not be trading Manning and he will not restructure his deal.

This is pretty significant as it will most likely lead to the Colts releasing him. Manning’s refusal to renegotiate his bonus could be retaliation for the firing of Jim Caldwell. Colts owner Jim Irsay was said that he would pay Manning if he’s healthy enough to play but it’s hard to imagine the team committing to both Manning and Andrew Luck‘s salaries.

Indianapolis is going to have plenty of roster decisions to make that will require some extra cash so decisions will have to be made regarding free agents like Robert Mathis and Reggie Wayne.


pixy Peyton Manning Will Not Renegotiate His $28 Million Bonus

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