Philip Rivers Believes His Best Football is Forthcoming

San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers spoke with USA Today Sports Thursday and sounded off of feeling “reinvigorated” with the additions of head coach Mike McCoy and offensive coordinator and a former head coach Ken Whisenhunt.

“I think my best football is ahead of me, I really do,” Rivers said. “That’s being optimistic, because we’ve had a lot of really good years. I am probably on the second half of my career, the back end, but I think I’ve got a lot of good football left.

“To me, the bad is always magnified (more) than the good, and there has been some bad. But there has been a heck of a lot of good.”

Rivers, 31, has had public issues with his former head coach, Norv Turner, about taking control of the offense. It is not out of the realm of possibility that a coaching change could make a difference for Rivers, but his turnover numbers have been very high as of late. In his last 32 games, he’s turned the ball over 47 times.

“Poor throws are things that happen,” Rivers said. “It doesn’t mean they’re OK, but it happens. And then the others ones are, ‘Was that a poor decision? Was it a careless mistake?’ Those are the ones I really focus on. There haven’t been as many as you would think.

“Now I’m not clearing me of fault in the others — you’re going to the right guy and the ball gets tipped, those things happen. But the (bad decisions) can’t happen and the others (bad throws), we’ve had too many of those, and those have cost us.”

pixy Philip Rivers Believes His Best Football is Forthcoming

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