Poll: Winner of Super Bowl XLVIII Will Be?

Who wins Super Bowl XLVIII today?

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John Fox is clearly not a legit coach and did not have this team prepared, even with Peyton. Moreover, holding beyond 5 yards is a penalty that is just not being called and may not be. Should that be true is more defenses going to adopt this SEA concept? Why would they not? Or are refs finally going to care next year? Every team that respected that aspect of the rules got ruined by Peyton each and every game. I mean to have a score like that something dramatic had to take place and….that is what it is. As it… Read more »


I’ve purchased a subscription to Pro Football Focus and done some serious analysis through the day and I’m going to side with the 7 of 8 of their writers that say Denver. It is tough to figure out because DEN has not played an elite defense (outside of late season KC twice) and SEA has not played elite QB (except Brees at home, also twice). SEA line is horrid and DEN d-line is vastly underrated, so Lynch is basically outperforming his blocking which is not easy to count on. Rodger-Cromartie was 5th rated CB, one spot ahead of Sherman, which… Read more »

NFL Trade Rumors
NFL Trade Rumors

Awesome write up for the Super Bowl! My gut is leaning towards Denver too.

I’m interested to see how DEN’s DL does with keeping Russell Wilson in the pocket rather allowing him to get on the edge where he’s really dangerous.

Manning’s ability to get the ball out in just a few seconds could be a huge factor to mitigate a solid Seahawks pass rush.

In all honesty, I’m just hoping for a close game because it really feels like we’re going to watch the two best teams go at it on the big stage.