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Proposed NFL Rule Changes

Here are the Competition Committee’s proposed rule changes for the coming years.

Proposed Rule Changes:

  1. Elimination of the penalties for coaches challenging a play that’s already under review.
    • This was the penalty that Jim Schwartz received last year.
  2. Restrictions added to how teams can rush on field goals and extra points. 
    • This is designed to prevent injuries to defenseless long snappers.
    • Teams can’t have any more than six defensive players aligned on either side of the snapper
    • Defensive players can’t push their teammates across the line,
  3. Elimination of the “Tuck Rule”
    • If a quarterback pumps the ball and loses possession of it in process of bringing into his torso, it will be ruled a fumble.
  4. Tight Ends and H-backs would be able to wear numbers 40-49
  5. Complete ban on peel back blocks, even inside tackle box.
    • Offensive players would not be allowed to block low when going toward their own end lines in the tackle box.
    • Players can’t go low while peeling back anywhere on the field.
  6. It would be a foul for Running Backs who use the crown of their helmet outside the tackle box to deliver a forceable blow to an opponent. 

Proposed Rule Changes:

  1. Players claimed off of waivers only need to be kept for one day.
    • Current rule requires a player to be kept for two days.
  2. PUP window for players returning to practice would be expanded from Week 6 to Week 11.
  • Final cut-down date for the preseason would be one day earlier.

Point of emphasis

  1. Mandatory use of thigh and knee pads. 
    • Uniform inspectors will have access to sidelines to ensure thigh and knee pads are being worn
    • Players who refuse to wear them won’t be allowed on the field.
  2. League office will be more aggressive and proactive regarding field maintenance. 

League can require teams to maintain fields to the NFL’s standards and at the expense at the expense of the team



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