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Proposed Rule Changes For 2012

Here’s a look at the proposed rule changes for the 2012

  • Bills propose that replay officials in the booth should be in charge of making all decisions related to instant replay
  • Steelers propose adjusting the horse-collar tackle rule to remove the exception for quarterback that are inside of the pocket
  • Steelers proposes that the NFL adopt the postseason overtime rules for the regular season
  • Competition committee suggests adopting the college rule for too many men on the field
  • Competition committee proposes protection for defensive players that suffer helmet-to-helmet hits
  • Competition committee proposes automatic replay review of turnovers
  • Competition committee proposes delaying the trading deadline and 90-player offseason roster deadline by 2-weeks
  • Competition committee proposes  adjusting the final cutdown from Saturday to Friday because the first week starts on a Wednesday
  • Competition committee proposes changing the rules for injured reserve rules to allow players to return later in the season
  • Competition committee proposes a roster exemption for a player with a concussion, one per team

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