QB Matt Hasselbeck In Driver’s Seat To Start 2012 Season

Paul Kuharsky of ESPN takes a peek at the quarterback situation in Tennessee.

It’s clear that the Titans view Jake Locker as their long term solution, but they’re in no hurry to rush things.  Barring an injury to incumbent QB Matt Hasselbeck or a ridiculously impressive preseason by Locker, Hasselbeck is likely to start week 1.

Whether or not this is motivated by a desire to get all the veteran leadership and clubhouse presence out of Hasselbeck is unclear, but the Titans play in a weak division, and they likely feel that they can push the Texans for the division lead.  In such a position, they’re less likely than teams that are in strict rebuilding mode to turn over the reigns to an untested young player.

A look at the Titans first few weeks opponents also suggests that Hasselbeck will be the guy out of camp.  In weeks 1-4 the Titans will face the Patriots, Chargers, Lions, and Texans.  Not only will the Titans have a much better idea of their shot at a playoff run after these four weeks, but it’s also probably not the best idea to feed your long-term option to the lions (pun intended), as there’s a very real chance the Titans come out of this stretch winless.  If, on the other hand, they fare well with Hasselbeck through the first four weeks, they can stick with the veteran and take their time developing Locker.

pixy QB Matt Hasselbeck In Driver's Seat To Start 2012 Season

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