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Bears Have Interest In Kamerion Wimbley If He’s Available

Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune reports that the Bears are expected to take a “long look” at Raiders OLB Kamerion Wimbley if/when he becomes available.

Chicago had Wimbley pegged as their “No. 1 target” last year and they could use some added depth at the outside linebacker position.

So far, we’ve heard the Chargers mentioned as another option for him but you could probably add others like the Patriots and Cardinals to that list as well.


ESPN’s Bill Williamson reports that the Oakland Raiders will most likely be releasing OLB Kamerion Wimbley in the coming days. Even more interesting, Williamson mentions that the Chargers could be the favorites to sign him once he’s available.

Oakland has been in talks with Wimbley and his representation for “severAl Days” now but a that would restructure his contract and give the team some needed cap space appears to be unlikely.

If Wimbley becomes available, you would have to think that San Diego would strongly consider signing him given that they’re in desperate need of a outside linebacker that’s capable of getting to the quarterback. They could him for a reasonable contract as he would already be receiving a salary from the Raiders and they’re more than familiar with him considering that they’ve faced him twice a year for the last number of season.

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