Raiders Expected To Keep GM Reggie McKenzie, But Hire Executive Vice President

Jason La Canfora reports that the Raiders will kee GM Reggie McKenzie in place as the team’s GM, but hire an executive vice president to oversee their personnel department.

  • La Canfora adds that the Raiders may also hire a young executive too. In regards to the new executive VP, La Canfora says the Raiders want hire someone with strong GM experience.
  • Jim Trotter reports that McKenzie actually declined a request to interview for the Packers’ GM position and it’s unlikely that McKenzie’s role won’t be diminished with the arrival of Gruden.

With the Raiders now set to hire Jon Gruden as their head coach, there has been some speculation about McKenzie and his future in Oakland.

A league source tells Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk that McKenzie will stay in Oakland for at least a year with Gruden with the expectation that Gruden will give McKenzie a shot at being a “table-setter.

However, Florio points out that if McKenzie’s contract gives him final say over personnel, it’s possible the Raiders’ deal with Gruden could breach the terms of this agreement and allow McKenzie to move on if he wants to do so.

We’ll have more regarding McKenzie and the Raiders as the news is available.

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