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Raiders’ Las Vegas Deal “Essentially Dead”, Team Still Hasn’t Contacted Oakland

Jason Cole of B/R spoke to a high-level source a part of the city of Oakland’s efforts to keep the Raiders who mentioned that the team has yet to lay out what they’re looking for in regards to a new stadium or a lease.

Beyond that, Cole’s source added that the Raiders still haven’t contacted the city of Oakland following the news that Sheldon Adelson has withdrawn from their stadium proposal and Goldman Sachs is unlikely to finance the $650 million Adelson was offering.

Three separate sources believe the Raiders’ Las Vegas deal is now “essentially dead” but they still aren’t sure what this means for the prospects of the team remaining in Oakland.

According to Cole, the talk of the team relocating to San Antonio could pick up in the coming months.

While the recent developments clearly aren’t great for the Raiders’ Las Vegas hopes,¬†Ian Rapoport¬†points out that there is no real deadline for a deal between the team and Adelson and it’s still possible they could reach an agreement at some point.

The original plan called for the Adelsons to contribute $650 million towards construction with another $500 million coming from the Raiders and another $750 million to be available from bonds.

A few weeks ago, the Raiders officially filed the relocation paperwork to move the team to Las Vegas.

The Raiders would still need 24 votes from owners to relocate to Las Vegas, which reports mentioned could happen in time for the 2020 season. Although, the team was expected to remain in Oakland for the next two years before making the move to Nevada.

The Raiders have until February 15 to officially file for relocation.

We’ll have more regarding the Raiders moving to Las Vegas as the news is available.