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Raiders An Option For Matt Schaub If He’s Released By Houston?

Evan Silva of Rotoworld unearthed an interesting rumor from Len Pasquarelli of the National Football Post.

According Pasquarelli, the Oakland Raiders “could be” be among the teams interested in signing QB Matt Schaub, assuming the Texans release him in the next few weeks, which is general expectation around the league.

“Schematically, it isn’t a great fit, and Schaub is more a “systems” guy, but it’s said he has some fans in the organization and would be a stabilizing factor,” Pasquarelli writes.

Schaub, 32, is entering the third year of his five-year, $66.15 million contract that included $29.15 million guaranteed. As things stand right now, he stands to make up to $11 million depending on roster bonuses, and counts $14.125 million against the team’s 2014 salary cap.

Releasing Schaub would free up about $3.6 million, according to, so you can see why it makes plenty of sense for the Texans to part ways with a quarterback who is coming off of an atrocious season.

The Oakland Raiders clearly need help at the quarterback position, but signing Schaub is going to do little for them in the long-run. If they intend to draft a quarterback prospect at No. 5 overall, then I can see adding a veteran to pair with a rookie, but creating all of that cap space and then signing Schaub doesn’t seem like the best use of their resources.

pixy Raiders An Option For Matt Schaub If He's Released By Houston?

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Eric Kench

Why on earth would we want to sign Matt Schaub after trading away Carson Palmer one year later? Schaub would be getting the same money as Palmer got. Palmer went to the Cardinals and won ten games. Josh Freeman is the one who we should be looking to sign. We could get him for the same money that we gave Matt Flynn.

NFL Trade Rumors

The idea here assume that Schaub is released, which means that OAK would not be required to pay his contract. OAK traded for Palmer so they assumed him salary. If Schaub ends up being available, OAK could probably get him for a reasonable backup salary and for once, money and cap space are no longer an issue.


Not keeping Palmer was a mistake?! Didnt he throw an interception in nine straight games?! He made too much money to stay with us.. I would rather go 4-12 with a rookie qb then a expensive vet.. Im not a fan of Schaub.. I would rather draft a QB in the later rounds..

Stanley Dickerson

Carson Palmer was the most consistent good player that year. The stupid media and organization used him as a scapegoat so raiders fans would embrace him being traded. I have watched the raiders for the past 7-8 years. Carson was a very good QB, but our defense couldn’t help but be outscored by 20 almost every single game. Carson is not the reason we went 4-12, he’s the reason we didn’t go 0-16. McFadden, is a huge blame for our lack of success….always not there. Our inconsistent Wr’s, and our bad defenses.

Terrence Healy

Raiders mistake was not keeping Palmer, now Michael Vick, OR suck really bad for another year to get in the top 5 for a good QB next year. I don’t see a top pick this year but you never know. I think MCGloin could turn into a really good QB mainly from his first performance with zero time of training and zero time with First Team. I think his down hill spiral after that was due to revolving offensive line with no protection.
Where ever he lands he is going to be a great QB.


I wish you would have kept Palmer. 24 touchdowns to 22 interceptions is not something to brag about.


Omg Matt shaub sucks


Raiders need to get michael vick


Vick would be a waste of time & money.

Silvia Arredondo

I hope not! That’s not even a funny joke!

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