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Raiders Set To Release OLB Kamerion Wimbley

Jason La Canfora of NFL.com reports that the Raiders plan on releasing Kamerion Wimbley and will formally make an announcement on Tuesday.

Wimbley will be a 28 year old free agent, accumulating 16 sacks over the past two seasons.  Wimbley’s contract was set to make him $4.5 million in 2012, $11 million in 2013, and another $2 million in 2014.  Though the Raiders will still take a $6.5 million dollar hit while releasing Wimbley, this move prevents future financial complications.

There have been previous reports of the Bears and Chargers showing interest in the soon to be free agent.  Wimbley would serve as a suitable pass rusher for those who miss out on the services of Mario Williams.

  • Dan Meehan

    AWWWW yah. Now this guy and Jeremy Mincey are 2 defensive ends I could get down with the bears signing potentially. As they are productive, and shouldn’t come at a 12-15+ mill a year price tag

    • Mikey Roederer

      On Mike and Mike this morning they were speculating the bears making a run at Mario Williams to line up opposite of Peppers…I also would like to see us sign Wimbley to line up with Urlacher and Briggs, but if it comes down between the two, ya have to go with Williams…I really saw the Bears targeting Defense in the draft and grabbing an established WR via agency, but looks like they might be flipping that

      • Dan Meehan

        NO, you don’t have to have Williams who is now reportedly in line to receive 15+ mill a year. No thanks, I’d rather address multiple needs on both sides of the ball by grabbing Mincey/Wimbley, along with Landry and possibly Carr for the defense to improve multiple areas on the defensive side of the ball. 

        That could leave enough cap room so the bears could grab a Meachem/Garcon and Eddie Royal, along with a McNeill/Gaither for the O-Line. Then allowing the bears first 2 picks to go Stephen (as I’m convinced that is who the bears take now) and the go Kevin Zeitler OG in the 2nd round. 

        Now would you really turn down that kind of off-season? I’m not saying that is even feasible, but I’m just bringing up what could be done rather than giving Super Mario (1 PLAYER!) $15+ million a year. This is with me knowing even my ideal offseason is a pipe dream, but that would just be so much better for the Bears.

        • Mikey Roederer

          If Mario is really expecting that much than I definitely say PASS…I agree with all of you, we have many more places we can upgrade with that kind of money..My previous comment was more in line with if we made one big move..I really want us to pick up Mincey/Wimbley and Middleton on Defense…that would allow us to grab one of those WR’s everyone is talking about,even someone like Jax..because I think we should fix the O Line in the draft, they tend to be much more stable than WRs

          • Dan Meehan

            And don’t take what I’m saying as I would enjoy Williams being a bear. But that money is much better served being spent on more player of 3 to 3 1/2 to 4 star players rather than 1 5 star stud.

            Also ABTY7, aren’t you on PSD also? lol

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