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Rams Confirm Interest In QB Mark Sanchez



St. Louis Rams HC Jeff Fisher mentioned on Sunday that they are in fact interested in free agent QB Mark Sanchez.

“I’d say that there is interest. I can’t say how much. But there certainly would be interest,” Fisher tells USA TODAY Sports. “I don’t have a backup with experience on the roster right now.”

The Rams recently came up as a team to watch in regards to Sanchez given that former Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is now running the Rams’ offense.

“Brian had a good relationship with Mark,” Fisher said. “He’s just learning. He’s been to the AFC Championship game a couple of times, so he’s been there.

Sam Bradford is also coming off of a major knee injury and they currently have Austin Davis as their backup.

Sanchez, 27, is also coming off of a season-ending injury of his own, but it appears to be unlikely that any team will give him a shot at competing for a starting job, so an opportunity to work with his former coordinator could be an appealing option for him.


Rich Cimini of ESPN New York takes a look at the top-five options for recently released QB Mark Sanchez.

According to Cimini, the St. Louis Rams as the No. 1 landing spot to watch in regards to Sanchez. Cimini points out that former Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is now running the Rams’ offense and Sam Bradford is coming off of a major knee injury.

The Chicago Bears are another team that has lost their backup in recent weeks as Josh McCown is now that starting quarterback for the Buccaneers. Jordan Palmer is currently Jay Cutler‘s backup, so Sanchez could at least give them a better contingency option. You would have to think Sanchez would be interested in working with Bears HC Marc Trestman given that he was a proven track record of developing quarterbacks.

Cimini also lists the Browns, Bills and Seahawks as three other options



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Going to the Bears would be a rock star move for him. History says he will get to play, and Coach Trestman would be great for his head.

Jimmy Crackcorn

Agreed. But cap space and remembering having his named called 5th in the draft a few years ago will probably prevent this move unless he’s willing to take a huge salary hit.


Waste of money…rams hinted they’re drafting a mobile qb later in the draft to backup Bradford


Matt Cavanaugh is around 57 years old and hasn’t played football in 30 years you goof. Jordan Palmer is the current back up to Jay Cutler. You may want to check your facts before posting.

NFL Trade Rumors

I apologize for error. It was obvious horrible oversight on my part. Thanks for pointing it out.

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