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Rams Expected To Make Front Office Changes After Thorough Evaluation

Rams COO Kevin Demoff said Wednesday that they’re evaluating the entire organization right and it’s possible that changes could be coming to the team’s front office.

We need to take a look at this entire organization, and that includes personnel,” Snead said without offering any specific changes that could be made, via Alden Gonzalez of ESPN.com.

“We need to make sure we deliver on the rest of that analysis, which is how we get better as an organization,” Demoff said. “I think it would be disingenuous to stand up there in December and say we all need to improve, and then not make any changes outside of the coaching staff. I think that would ring hollow. So, we’re going to continue to evaluate. And I would expect that we will make additions to our front office to try to make sure that we field the best possible team that we can field.

The Rams elected to retain GM Les Snead, despite firing Jeff Fisher towards the end of the season and just recently hiring Sean McVay as their new head coach.

However, it sounds like there could be some restructuring coming to the Rams’ front office this offseason.

Earlier in the week, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reported that the Rams will look at ways to improve their front office and possibly look to supplement Snead’s role by hiring someone who could occupy a higher position in the team’s power structure.

Florio added that this could allow Demoff to spend more time focusing their new stadium that’s being built and less time on the football aspects of the organization.

We’ll have more regarding the Rams and potential changes as the news is available.


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