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Rams Expected To Play “Home” Game In China During 2018 Season

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Rams are expected to play a regular-season home game in China during the 2018 season.

  • Nick Wagoner reports that the Rams haven’t finalized any plans yet to play in China just yet, but they are in deep discussions with the NFL regarding the possibility.

As part of their deal to relocate to Los Angeles, the Rams agreed to play international games in each of the next three years, so it would make sense that one of these games would be in China, especially considering that they will be located on the West Coast.

The NFL continues to focus on growing the pie internationally. They’ve played numerous games in London over the past several years and are now looking into other countries such as Mexico and Germany.

Others have proposed playing a game in South America at some point as well.


It was also announced on Wednesday that the Rams will be featured in this year’s “Hard Knocks” so they have plenty of things going on right now.

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