Rams Will Consider Trading Their #2 Pick


St Louis Rams new head coach Jeff Fisher confirmed that they’ll consider trading the team’s #2 overall pick in the upcoming draft.

There are going to be teams that have some interest in that pick,” Fisher told Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “What we do will define the future of this franchise moving forward.”

The general consensus is that several team’s will be interested in trading up for Baylor QB Robert Griffin III which would allow the Rams to secure more draft picks and still get a solid player to add to their roster.

Speculative options are the Browns (#4), Redskins (#6) and the Dolphins (#8). What these teams chose to do in during free agency will ultimately decide who will have the most interest in RGIII. Matt Flynn has been linked to all three of these teams and Peyton Manning‘s availability could eliminate another option.

The one aspect that Fisher is confident about, however, is that their decision will ultimately define the future of the franchise.

If we stay there who do we take, if we move down who do we take, what if we move down and come back up,” Fisher said. “That’s going to define the future.”

pixy Rams Will Consider Trading Their #2 Pick

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