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Ravens Expected To Make ILB Dannell Ellerbe A “Significant” Offer

Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun writes that the Ravens are expected to make ILB Dannell Ellerbe a”significant” offer before the start of free agency.

Baltimore has been rumored to have Ellerbe at the top of their offseason priority list, and Joe Flacco‘s recent contract extension will actually give them some cap space to work within the time being.

Ellerbe has said that he would prefer to remain in Baltimore, so there seems like there’s a realistic chance that something could get done in the near future.

“There’s always a chance, and that’s what I’m hoping will happen,” Ellerbe said. “The Ravens are a perfect situation for me. Hopefully, it’s a perfect situation for me to sign on the dotted line.

Ellerbe will most likely require a contract totaling $25 million – $30 million. We’ll have to see if the Ravens can actually make this happen.

We have Ellerbe listed as the No. 34 best available player in our Top 50 Free Agents list.