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Ravens & Joe Flacco’s Agent Reportedly “Plugging Away” At A New Contract

Ian Rapoport updates the situation regarding a contract extension for Joe Flacco by passing only word that the two sides are “plugging away” on a new contract.

Looks as though there’s a chance they may not need their franchise to keep Flacco. Of course things can change at any point, so I’m sure the Ravens take solace in the fact that they have the designation available, should they need it.


Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that the current speculation regarding the Ravens and QB Joe Flacco is that Baltimore will most likely end up using their non-exclusive franchise tag on him in the coming days.

This would be a calculated risk on the part of the Ravens, as it would allow NFL teams to try to lure him away by parting with two first-round picks for the rights to sign him to a long-term deal. By applying the non-exclusive franchise tag, the Ravens would save close to $6 million dollars.

Previous reports indicated that Flacco has no intention of leaving Baltimore, so it’s safe to assume that the Ravens are confident that, all things being equal, he would re-signing with them over a new team.

Flacco is almost a lock to secure a $100 million contract. The only questions are related the amount of guaranteed money included in the deal.

We have Flacco sitting atop our Top 50 Free Agents list.

pixy Ravens & Joe Flacco's Agent Reportedly "Plugging Away" At A New Contract

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