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Ray McDonald Arrested Again, This Time For Violating Restraining Order


Ray McDonald‘s attorney, Steve Defilippis, tells ESPN’s Josina Anderson that his client’s most recent arrest shouldn’t have happened because he was never served a restraining order.

When Ray McDonald was released from jail he was not served with a restraining order,” Defilippis told Anderson. “They say there is a restraining order now, but they never served him with it.”

“The only thing (McDonald) got was a booking sheet when he left,” Defilippis said. “They told him to stay away from her.

Defilippis offered an explanation for McDonald’s recent arrest.

“Today my investigator contacted her and confirmed that she was in Santa Cruz, and Ray went over to the apartment to meet the investigator to let him in so that he could get photographs of this allegedly broken door, and lo and behold the cops show up and arrest him,” said Defilippis, via Anderson.

Defilippis reiterated his version of events.

He was not served with a restraining order. We confirmed that the young lady was not going to be there. He goes there to meet the investigator for a legitimate purpose and the police show up and arrest him; and knowing these facts the police still have insisted upon keeping him custody,” said Defilippis.

“This is pretty much gamesmanship on their part.”


Former Bears DL Ray McDonald was arrested again on Wednesday in Santa Clara for violating a restraining order, according to the Santa Clara Police Department.

Here’s the summary of the incident:

“On Wednesday, May 27, 2015, at about 2:52 PM., Santa Clara Detectives learned Ray McDonald violated a restraining order for being at a residence in Santa Clara. Detectives later located Ray McDonald at a nearby Togo’s Sandwiches, 2203 Tasman Dr. in Santa Clara. Ray McDonald was arrested without incident and transported to Santa Clara Police Department for processing. He will be booked at Santa Clara County Jail.

The restraining order Ray McDonald violated was issued as a result of his earlier domestic violence and child endangerment arrest which occurred in Santa Clara on May 25, 2015.”

In case there was any question whether McDonald could eventually catch on with another NFL team, this probably puts an end to that idea.

McDonald, 30, signed a one-year, $1.05 million contract with the Bears that included $450,000 available through incentives.

However, the Bears wasted no time in releasing him after he was arrested for for “physically assaulted the victim while she was holding a baby.

In 2014, McDonald appeared in 14 games and recorded 39 tackles, three sacks, and a forced fumble for the 49ers. Pro Football Focus has him rated as the N0. 12 defensive end in a 3-4 defense out of 47 qualifying players.

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What a dumb ass.


What a dumb ass! I get it. Football players are regular folks just like the rest of us which means like many of us they will do stupid sh!t from time to time. But c’mon man! Really? Take your dumb ass somewhere and sit the FUGG down! You’re done!

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