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RB Peyton Hillis’ Likelihood To Play For Browns… To Play At All?

Adding to the string of stories centering around commitment issues of RB Peyton Hillis (scheduled to become a free agent on March 13th) is today’s article by Adam Schefter of ESPN.com

Schefter echoes sources that the Cleveland Browns will not franchise Hillis for the 2012 season.  The Browns certainly have the cap space to pull dedicate to the RB, but question marks are part of the package with Hillis.  In 2012 he was candid with his uncertain of his future in football, noting interest in joining the CIA or simply retiring.

Though Hillis has reportedly now re-committed to the idea of playing football, it’s hard to see the Browns dedicating much money to such an uncertain investment, especially with so many needs existing.

Hillis would receive interest from teams that could take a bit of a risk and use him in support of another established option.  Expect a possible contract to be shorter-term and for reduced salary, at least until Hillis convinces those who sign the paychecks of his dedication to playing ball.

pixy RB Peyton Hillis' Likelihood To Play For Browns... To Play At All?

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