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Redskins Complete Trade With Rams For #2 Overall Pick

Jay Glazer is reporting that the Washington Redskins have just agreed to a deal with the St Louis Ram for the rights #2 overall pick. Glazer mentions that the Rams will receive Washington’s #6 along with two future first-round picks and some additional picks on top of that.

Mike Florio mentions that one of the additional draft picks is believed to be a second-round pick. Florio adds that the deal cannot be completed until the league year starts on Tuesday.

There’s not doubt that this was a move made out of desperation after they wound up losing out on the Peyton Manning

The entire quarterback could be sped up in the next few days now that the Redskins are out of the picture and Manning is expected to sign in the next few days. If Manning ends up passing on the Dolphins, Matt Flynn could be a great position to secure a decent contract from either Miami or Cleveland.

pixy Redskins Complete Trade With Rams For #2 Overall Pick

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Ah, screw it, there’s too many posts for me to find abother one. Anyway, Timmy Tebow’s gonna go to Miami, and IF there was any other way Denver could have played this they would of gotten a first round draft pick out of it too…and why not?  Yeah, his passing is erratic BUT as we all had to sadly learn last year, the NFL is a business and I’m getting a STRONG feeling that’s the way Miami’s brass feels (which is why NO ONE is going there).  So they’re gonna bring the manchild home and guarantee NO MORE BLACKOUTS while FILLING EVERY… Read more »

Why hasn’t ANYONE yet said the most obvious landing spot for Matt Flynn yet….Seattle??? And to be honest, I’d bet this was (or is) their intended target all along, ONLY putting themselves out there in the MANNING SWEEPSTAKES to misdirect their true intent.  Garc

And while we’re at it, IF Denver signs Manning (and Garcon, not Wayne), then why does Jacksonville have to be his landing spot?? But I’ll post that in the right thread.


Three first rounders and a second rounder? Wow. I’m liking Jeff Fisher already.

This is an absolute haul.

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