Redskins Defensive Coordinator Revealed Teams Plan For The QB Position?


Redskins DC Jim Haslett supposedly ran into one of the writers for Redskins blog while at a club volleyball tournament. There, Haslett allegedly discussed the teams plan for the quarterback position.

Per “Rodskins,” Haslett mentioned that the team is not interested in Green Bay Packers QB Matt Flynn and would rather pursue Peyton Manning.   Haslett also mentioned that they’re not happy with the depth in the years quarterback class beyond Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III and would “strongly considering” moving up to the #2 spot for one of them.

Since then, Haslett has done his best to deny the report and it’s worth noting that this comes from a fan blog but there’s a chance that Haslett spoke candidly with him at the tournament. If true, it basically confirms what we already believe to the team’s strategy. In fact, our recently updated Mock Draft has the Redskins trading up with the Rams and taking Robert Griffin III with the #2 overall pick.

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