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Redskins Practically Giving Albert Haynesworth Away?

CBS Sports’ Clark Judge reports that the Washington Redskins are willing to take “anything they can gain in return” for DT Albert Haynesworth.

Judge’s sources mentions that Haynesworth will be traded and not cut to prevent the Philadelphia Eagles from picking him up.

They’ll give him away for a ham sandwich instead of cutting him and running the risk of his showing up in Philadelphia,” said the source.

It’s really amazing how bad this situation turned out for the Redskins. They pay him a crazy some of money and then turn down deals that would have sent a 3rd or 4th round pick to them in return for Haynesworth. Now they would cut him but then he would sign with their division rivals and probably return to the type of player that they were hoping to get when they signed him. Just remarkable, really.

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