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Report: 2014 Salary Cap Could Be As High As $132 million

ESPN’s John Clayton reports that a source has informed him that the 2014 NFL salary cap is now projected to be $132 million.

  • ESPN’s Adam Schefter recently reported that projections for the 2014 cap were said to be close to $130 million.
  • Schefter added that NFL teams were expecting the cap to be lower than this, which is obviously good news.

Teams like the Cowboys and Steelers are currently projected to be over the cap, so even dollar of caps space counts for them.

Last year, the NFL’s salary cap was just $123 million, so this would be an increase of 5 percent. Early projections had the cap at just over $126 million. The NFLPA reportedly has an option that would boost the cap by $2 million, so it will be interesting to see if they elected to use it this year.

The salary cap is expected to continue increasing in the coming years as money from the league’s television contracts starting to get factored in.

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